Graphic Screen Printing Machines, be it the carousel with vacuum beds or the flatbed graphic printer, are used to print any flat substrate such as: Correx for Estate Agent Boards and Point of Sale signs; Vinyl sheets for signage and advertising boards; Decorative glass; paper and board.

Six Colour Carousel with Vaccuum Beds

This machine is ideal for printing PVC substrates which need to be held down for printing, and curing is done with a UV system if required.


Micro adjustment of screen
Individual vacuum control of each board
Height adjustment of screen
All boards and screens rotate

Flat Bed Graphic Printer

This unit is available in sizes that range from 750 x 600mm to 3000 x 1500mm.


Aluminium printing surface
Vaccuum to hold substrate while printing
Micro Adjustment of printing surface on X and Y axis
Height adjustment of screen i.e. can print items up to 200mm thick
Height adjustment of squeegee
Vaccuum shut off when screen is lifted
Vaccuum control when setting up

TIC Semi-automatic Flat Bed Printer

This unit is ideal for printing items of heights up to 150mm as well as printing vinyl, corriboard, paper and board, glass, PVC and any other flat items

The Bed Size is 1000 x 800mm