We manufacture all the equipment necessary to set up your own darkroom to clean and expose screens. Darkroom equipment can be configured to meet your specific requirement, be it for a home business or for a large printing concern.

We also supply photo emulsion, capilliary film, rubylith, coating troughs, screen cleaning chemicals and exposing globes or tubes.

Should you prefer, we can clean and expose your screens professionally in our darkroom.

Stencil Combi Exposure Unit

► 750w Mercury Vapour Lamp
► Timer Control
► Fan Cooling on Glass
► Gas lifts on top frame
► Either Vacuum or Compression top

4kW Exposure Light

► 4kw Metal halide tube
► Timer to activate buzzer once exposure is complete
► Cooling fan on lamps
► Manual or Auto shutter

Power Supply Required:
► 380v
► 20 amps/phase

Also available in 2kW single phase with all the same features

Wash Bay

This unit is used for washing out exposed screens or for the high pressure stripping of screens.

Screen Drying Cabinet


► Takes up to 10 T-shirt screens
► Adjustable racks to accommodate various size screens
► Digital read out temperature control
► Fan circulation for more efficiency
► Power supply 220V
► Can be manufactured in any size