Aluminium and Steel Frames (galvanised) made to your required size; Laser Cut Flat Frames.

Photo Emulsion & AccuArt
We are distributors for Chromaline.
We stock UDC-2 , CPTEX , CP2 and Accuart (for the production of high-quality positives).

Machine and Manual Handles available. Cut to size.

Polyurethane Squeegee Rubber supplied.

Cut to any length you require

Graphic Printing Inks for Various Substrates
Glass, CD, Corriboard, Vinyl, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Nylon, PVC, Paper & Board and many more.

Pad Printing Inks

A Various range of pad printing inks as offered by the Marabu range

Screen Cleaning Chemicals
Screenwash, Degreaser, Inksolve, Screen Stripper

Screen Printing Auxiliaries
Reducers, Retarders, Haze removers, Hardeners.

Colour Matching
Colour matching service offered in Solvent Based Inks; Colour matching advice given in Water Based Inks.

Screen Mesh
We supply Polyester Mesh of various different grades.

Stretched with polyester mesh. Thread count according to print required.

Screenprinting Inks for fabric
Water based Textile Inks, Plastisol, Pigments, Cut Clear, Glitters, Opaque White, Table Glue, Stretch White, Binders, Thickeners.